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A beautiful, intricate, hand knotted, macramé angel wing bracelet.

Handmade to order in the UK, by Haystack and Co. The bracelet has been knotted using high quality macramé cord, with a gold or silver heart charm bead - your choice

A gorgeous minimal chic bracelet.

There are several cord colour combinations available to choose from. The bracelets shown in the photographs feature a tan coloured cord bracelet band, along with a gold heart charm and small gold seed beads, the beads feature on the edge of the angel wings.

Choose from a gold heart with corresponding gold small beads or a silver heart with corresponding small silver beads.

The bracelet fastens with a sliding knot, allowing for adjustable wrist sizing, the fastening cords have been knotted and finished with corresponding round beads.

A lovely, unique cord bracelet, the angel wings symbolize: protection, love and courage.

*Cord colour*
Choose from 9 on trend cord colours to create you unique angel wing bracelet - YOUR choice!

*Silver or Gold heart YOUR choice!*

*A lovely, eye catching, on trend, bracelet - a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, a wonderful gift

*Bracelet size*
One size fits all wrist sizes

Your bracelet comes to you in a gorgeous, courtesy Eco muslin Haystack & Co gift bag along with a gift card.

Macramé Angel Wing Cord Bracelet

Angel Wings Cord Colour
Bracelet band cord colour
Heart and bead finish
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