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A wonderful, calming gift. High grade, natural gemstones:
Amethyst, Red Garnet, and Clear Quartz round beads have been strung on an enhancing deep purple thread which has been knotted onto a natural, hand knotted, delicate, macrame band. The beaded section measures approx 3.5 cm, total length of bracelet/anklet approx 42 cm, allowing for a comfortable fastening tie, for a knot or a bow.

~~~~~ This band is all about GIVING ~~~~~ offering a calming strength to the wearer.

The gemstone band can be worn as a bracelet or an anklet.

The calming gemstones include ...

A calming stone that aids peacefulness. happiness and balance

~Red Garnet~
This stone, provides a protective, calming influence and is thought to heal melancholy, bring courage and hope

~Clear Quartz~
The mistress of all the healing crystals which harmonises all the chakras

The beaded gem section has been hand knotted on a high quality, natural, cord.

The gemstone band is presented on a courtesy gift card, describing it's quality and strength.

A wonderful gift to yourself or a loved one.

Your band comes to you in a gorgeous Haystack & Co linen gift bag along with the above gift card.

Natural, calm, gemstone, delicate, cord bracelet/anklet

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